Terms and Conditions

Maria’s terms and cancellation policy

Courses and Workshops

Each course has its own conditions depending on the organiser and type of course. Please read the terms and conditions carefully concerning each course.

All courses organised by myself must be paid for in full within 5 days from the booking date. Individual arrangements can be discussed. Some courses require a deposit upon booking. This fee is non-refundable.

After making a full payment, refunds are only possible up to 6 weeks before the course starts, and must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. Any refunds given will be reduced by 25% due to administrative costs.

Please note that refunds are not available for deepening courses.

Schools and organisers

  • 70/30 split
  • Costs for accommodation, flights, trains, petrol, etc. to be taken from the total income.
  • The remainder of the income to be split 70% to me and 30% to the organiser.
  • I require private and comfortable accommodation with enough space for my own yoga practice.
  • If the numbers are too low 4 weeks prior to the workshop start date, I reserve the right to cancel the workshop at that time. All my expenses should then be shared between myself and the organiser.

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Private classes

  • Cost of private classes: 950 SEK/60 min, 1250 SEK/90 min.
  • Payment required at time of booking.
  • Non-refundable within 48 hours before the class.

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