Creating balance between body and mind

Ayurveda with Maria Boox

Photo courtesy of Filippa Tredal

Ayurveda is the wisdom of life. This is a traditional system of medicine from India incorporated into the last four of the Vedas. It is based on the idea of balance within our bodily systems and uses a combination of diet, herbal treatment, yogic postures and breathing. The different elements in nature and in all living beings also play an important part.

Ayurveda can help you to balance your body and mind through diet, postures, breath, sleep and of course how you and your mind both work in daily life.

I have studied Ayurveda in India with different Ayurvedic doctors. I’m currently studying with Johan Ljungsberg at Ayurveda Academy in Stockholm to become an Ayurvedic health counsellor.

I teach the basics of Ayurveda in some of my workshops and in future will be offering individual health consultations.

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